Have You Got Balls?: One Dad, Two Kids, a Narcissistic Ex and a Biased Court


Mark Le Fonce

Format Paperback

Published 8 Dec. 2020

ISBN 9780620868075

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Divorcing my narcissist against all odds!

“Do you swear to tell the truth, the whole truth, and nothing but the truth? So help me God!””Mark le Foncé is brutally honest and engagingly candid in this account of the emotional, psychological and financial abuse he endured at the hands of a malevolent narcissist; hell bent on destroying him. You will find it hard to believe, that this systematic, relentless and heartless attack on a loving father was not perpetuated by an underworld criminal mastermind, by the person he trusted most – his wife. It is a journey down the rabbit hole into the South African justice system – a system traditionally skewed against men, especially in family matters, Sometimes failing, occasionally triumphing, you will be drawn into a process that few of us have knowledge of, and most of us have been lucky not to experience. And yes, the only ones who benefit are the people working in and profiting from the legal system. This memoir has so many shocking “Oh my” moments, that the reader will be hard pressed to believe that one man could endure this inexorable onslaught without totally cracking up. But that is because it is also a love story. The unwavering devotion Mark has for his children shines through on every page and is why he continues to fight to this day… “War of the roses and fatal attraction are combined in this real life memoir. The book is a mix of psychology, legal drama, single parenting, male victimization and a twist of ironic humour, written by a layman, in easy to understand language. It will be of interest to fathers, alienated parents, single parents, divorcees, separated couples, legal practitioners, psychologists, social workers, domestic violence victims and people who have dealt with emotionally abusive situations.